song of the new earth – expanding consciousness

Today, I received a link from my wonderful aunt. Some would call her a hippie/gypsy, but I would say that she is her own being and seeks to fulfill the meaning of life. She has helped me to explore new ways of thinking, and expanding from the traditions of western culture. I have myself struggle with what western society has laid out for all of us as the path to success and happiness….to go school, get good grades, go to college, get a good job, buy a house, get married, raise a family. Although this is still the path i am and want to follow i question especially the go to school and get a good job. I feel that we have become slaves to the system, there are stats that show that up to 80% of college graduates are not getting jobs and are moving home, or if they are lucky enough to find a job usually it is not what society has “promised” them.

Anyways, sorry for the ranting. I wanted to provide a link about expanding ones consciousness. I do not know entirely what to think about this but I definitely say that it has made me think, and question. Civilized society is such and young thing and I wonder if we have lost some of the true meaning of life. Enjoy the video. It is quite long and is only free to few until tomorrow. Link below:

Song of the New Earth